Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus v2.08 Released

appstorebutton-white google-play

Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus v2.08 is out now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Changes in this release:

  • Redo Main Menu and Game Options to make it easier to set up a new game
  • Remove Video button, move Undo button & Restart Game buttons
  • Add About menu with current version number and credits
  • Refresh Play/App Store screenshots

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onewinter network launched

Hello there!

This will be the new incarnation of the onewinter network, the place where I offer my 3d printing services and list the mobile games that I’ve created.

This blog will hopefully be updated with things I learn while working in Unity3d and with my two 3D printers in the future, so that others using the same technology solutions can learn from my struggles and successes.

More to come soon!