New Site Design!

Spent the last few days working on a full overhaul of the site using the Avada theme… Really enjoyed all the different ways to customize everything (and I barely scratched the surface of what’s possible–I still have classwork to do, after all!)  Realized that having a shiny site that I’m proud of and that’s easy to add content to will make me more likely to update this regularly.  So, yay.  Be back soon to continue filling in those portfolio projects! 🙃

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Portfolio Updates

Added Portfolio post types to my WordPress setup and started filling in some work over on the Portfolio page. Check it out!

Some highlights:

Spiced Pumpking, a Monopoly-meets-Spaceteam-esque game that has you battling for supremacy of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte market.

A Sunset Rendezvous, a simple 2D top-down game in the style of the original Zelda.

The Great Hunt, a prehistoric dice war game that could be played by hunters on the go.

My Drawing Bootcamp Sketches, where you can see me do my best to draw (I definitely improved a lot by the end!).

I’ll be filling in the rest of the current projects in the upcoming days and will update here once it’s all done. I challenged myself to post once per module during this summer semester, so that’s twice a week! So, more to come soon. Cheers!

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GitHub & Pages

It’s always so bizarre to open up WordPress after a long time away and see how much has changed (even moreso when you think about the fact that I’ve been using WordPress in some way or another since before it was even called that.)

Anywho, I’ve challenged myself to spend some time in between grad school semesters writing about the projects I worked on this semester and some of the stuff I’ll be working on in the future. We’ll start here with links to my GitHub and pages, where I published the three projects I’ll be talking about in future posts.


Even though this code is nothing special, I’m publishing it alongside the actual playable versions in the hope that something in there might be useful to someone down the line; in addition, I feel like it’s healthy to put your code out into the world whenever you can, inviting discussion and criticism with the eventual goal of learning and growing from the experience.

Ta for now!

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