Mobile Games created in Unity3D and published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Support is available via Facebook, and development information is sometimes published on the blog.

Current Games

Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus


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Odds & Evens is a unique twist on 2048, containing multiple gameplay modes and allowing for customized game settings. In Odds & Evens gameplay mode, swipe the board in 4 directions to match tiles that are multiples of one another. Look out for trick tiles that can only match with others that are odd or even, but that can be combined with other trick tiles to create super tiles that will help you clear the board faster. In 2048 gameplay mode, combine tiles with others of the same value and work your way towards 2048 and beyond.

Customize your grid size, try challenges, and earn achievements*. See how you rank on the leaderboards* and compete with your friends!

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  • Minimalist design
  • Game automatically saves
  • Timed and Limited Moves Challenges
  • Includes original 2048 game (w/ challenges)
  • Special Odd Match, Even Match and All Match Tiles
  • Undo Last Turn button
  • Receive special All Match tile once per game by watching an ad
  • Customize Game Mode, Grid Size, and Goal/Challenge
  • Themes (2 included, 5 for purchase)
  • Leaderboards*
  • Achievements*
    *Requires Game Center / Google Play Games login

appstorebutton-white google-play
Follow Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus on Facebook!


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