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ANM 623, 3D Modeling & Animation 1; Final Project

This is Fred. Hi Fred!

We sculpted Fred from scratch using reference images, then added shaders and textures. After learning how to rig Fred, we were provided a pre-rigged model with all of the various animation weights painted properly. Using that model, we covered animation, lighting and rendering, leading to the finished product below. Learning Maya was (mostly) fun, and I got to use/appreciate much of what I learned in my Drawing Bootcamp class the previous semester. Learning the basics of Maya also helped to fill in some of the remaining gaps in my Unity/Unreal knowledge, especially around animation, shaders, and lighting. Fred is rendered using 6x AA Arnold GPU rendering.

I tried to have a little fun with this final project and give the character something to react to in the scene. Enjoy!

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The Great Hunt
Stray, Level Three: The Flat

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