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GAM 605, Scripting for Games 1; Midterm Project

This assignment was to create a 2D, top-down level in the style of the original Zelda. I set out to recreate the sample image from Kenney’s RPG Urban pack and bring it to life with some moving people and cars. Some stray observations:

  • I did not learn tilemaps in time for this assignment, so every single tile is its own GameObject. I would not recommend this path to anyone.
  • The sprite Z-index can be incredibly powerful for creating the illusion of depth (the character below looks like he’s behind the clothesline “above” him), but in retrospect, using steps of 10 instead of 1 allows for edge cases to be resolved more easily.
  • 2D Blendtrees are awesome; I watched a Unity tutorial recently that set up entrance and exit transitions for each movement direction in addition to Attack and Die and was yelling at my screen “why wouldn’t you just use a blendtree?!”
  • Who doesn’t like a good clothesline walk across two buildings?
  • The Zelda typewriter code was a great find on StackOverflow or the Unity forums that I adapted for the perfect NES finishing touch.
  • This really could have used a little bit of music.

All in all, a great way to get my Unity legs back under me after some time off, a good learning experience, and a nice benchmark to measure my growth moving forward!


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