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GAM 602, Game Design Principles

Assignment was to create a Sell Sheet for a fall-themed boardgame. I decided to come up with the most ridiculous possible idea out of spite (I had wanted to make a game about cats, obviously). From there, we developed the Sell Sheet into an actual game complete with rulebook, box, components and a taped playthrough.

The game plays like Monopoly, but with more math; you build your coffee shop’s infrastructure by investing in cards like Baristas or Point of Sale improvements, then deal with daily setbacks while fulfilling orders. Earn money by fulfilling orders, invest that money into your shop, rinse and repeat. I tried to take inspiration from games like Spaceteam with the drawing of debuff cards. The full materials for the game are below — it’s fully playable, so enjoy!



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A Sunset Rendezvous
Drawing Bootcamp Sketches

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