Unity ScriptableObject-based Pooling Framework

Brief break from Clockwork TD devlog updates today, as I published my first Unity toolset on github! Over the past year, I’ve been using Unity’s Object Pooling feature, which is flexible and powerful, but requires a lot of boilerplate code to set up.

Around the time of Ron Swansong, I took the time to formally standardize my pooling code into a framework, which cut down my code repetition and codebase size nicely. With Accumulus, I kept tweaking and improving it, and finally after two months of development during Clockwork TD, the framework is ready to be shared with the world today.

It’s meant to be flexible but also lightweight, requiring just a few lines of code and two inheriting classes to get going. However, it allows you to override methods at every stage in the object pooling lifecycle, letting you use the framework in whatever way your project requires. Check it out and see what you think!