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Odds & Evens is the first game I ever published. Created in Unity after a few weeks of teaching myself the engine, I lovingly hand-tuned the program for months after releasing it, though it never really did anywhere close to appreciable numbers. The game is a riff on the popular 2048 puzzle game, matching numbers based not on value but on whether that value is an odd or even number (with some power-up tiles sprinkled in too, of course).

In retrospect, I was kind of bludgeoning my way through the engine at the time; not only was I learned Unity as I went, but I had only picked up C# in the past few years and hadn’t yet converted my brain from years of VBScript and PHP thinking to true Object-Oriented Programming mode (the joys of being self-taught). One of these days, I keep meaning to challenge myself to rewrite this from scratch, just to see how much my understanding of OOP and Unity has improved since then…

Still available on the Google Play Store as of July 2022; I let my Apple Developer license lapse a few years ago, so there’s no download link for iOS available.

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