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June 1st, 2022|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

It’s always so bizarre to open up WordPress after a long time away and see how much has changed (even moreso when you think about the fact that I’ve been using WordPress in some way or another since before it was even called that.)

Anywho, I’ve challenged myself to spend some time in between grad school semesters writing about the projects I worked on this semester and some of the stuff I’ll be working on in the future. We’ll start here with links to my GitHub and Itch.io pages, where I published the three projects I’ll be talking about in future posts.



Even though this code is nothing special, I’m publishing it alongside the actual playable versions in the hope that something in there might be useful to someone down the line; in addition, I feel like it’s healthy to put your code out into the world whenever you can, inviting discussion and criticism with the eventual goal of learning and growing from the experience.

Ta for now!

Withings-Sync Python/Powershell Script w/ Discord Webhook Notifications

August 13th, 2021|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

I recently deployed https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/withings-sync to sync my Withings scale to my Garmin account. Here’s a quick Powershell script I whipped up that runs via Scheduled Tasks on Windows and uses a Discord Webhook to notify you of its progress:

# function adapted from https://stackoverflow.com/posts/42995301/revisions
Function Execute-Command ($commandTitle, $commandPath, $commandArguments)
Try {
$pinfo = New-Object System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo
$pinfo.FileName = $commandPath
$pinfo.RedirectStandardOutput = $true
$pinfo.UseShellExecute = $false
$pinfo.Arguments = $commandArguments
$p = New-Object System.Diagnostics.Process
$p.StartInfo = $pinfo
$p.Start() | Out-Null
commandTitle = $commandTitle
stdout = $p.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()
Catch {
# call this with garmin username & password to sync from withings
function withings-sync( $username, $password )
# setup vars
$hoursToPause = 2
$fromDate = Get-Date
$loop = $true
$countOfTries = 0
$maxTries = 10
$user = $username
$pwd = $password
$wsPath = "C:\python38\scripts\withings-sync.exe"
# discord setup
$discordBot = "Withings -> Garmin Sync"
$hookUrl = "https://discord.com/api/webhooks/xxxx"
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: Garmin upload beginning for $user." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Info" Description $content Color LightGrey
# send discord update on start
Write-Host $content
Send-DiscordMessage webHookUrl $hookUrl Sections $section AvatarName $discordBot
# only retry $maxTries times
if($countOfTries -lt $maxTries)
# create args, then try withings-sync upload and capture output
$args = ("–garmin-username ${user} –garmin-password ${pwd} –fromdate {0:yyyy-MM-dd}" -f $fromDate).ToString()
$process = ExecuteCommand commandTitle "Withings->Garmin Sync" commandPath $wsPath commandArguments $args
$outputText = $process.stdout
Write-Host $outputText
# if upload worked, break loops
if( $outputText.Contains("Fit file uploaded to Garmin Connect") )
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: Garmin upload successful for $user." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Info" Description $content Color Green
$loop = $false
# if no measurements, wait and try again later
elseif( $outputText.Contains("No measurements to upload for date or period specified") )
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: No Withings measurements found for $user; sleeping $hoursToPause hour(s) and trying again." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Alert" Description $content Color Yellow
# if withings refresh failed
elseif( $outputText.Contains("withings – ERROR") )
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: Withings refresh failed for $user; sleeping $hoursToPause hour(s) and trying again." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Alert" Description $content Color Red
# if garmin upload failed
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: Garmin upload failed for $user; sleeping $hoursToPause hour(s) and trying again." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Alert" Description $content Color Red
# send discord update
Write-Host $content
Send-DiscordMessage webHookUrl $hookUrl Sections $section AvatarName $discordBot
# pause for $countOfTries hour(s) and try again
$countOfTries = $countOfTries + 1
if($loop) { Start-Sleep ( $hoursToPause * 60 * 60 ) }
# after #maxTries failures, send discord update and exit the loop
$content = "{0:HH:mm:ss}: Garmin upload failed $maxTries times, aborting." -f ( (Get-Date) )
$section = New-DiscordSection Title "Alert" Description $content Color Red
Write-Host $content
Send-DiscordMessage webHookUrl $hookUrl Sections $section AvatarName $discordBot
$loop = $false
while ($loop -eq $true)

Install the PSDiscord powershell module. Set $hookUrl with your Discord Webhook URL. Setup your path to the Python withings-sync executable in the $wsPath variable, then call the withings-sync function from Powershell after initializing your Withings token with withings-sync manually, as per the github instructions (pass your Garmin credentials as the $username and $password parameters). The script will auto-retry up to $maxTries times every $hoursToPause.

Edited 2021-09-21: removed some code from the Execute-Command function that could cause a deadlock when Garmin spits out its 403 error and changed the order of the if/else statements slightly. Cheers!

More Regular Updates

August 3rd, 2021|Tags: |0 Comments

Hi again!

As part of an assignment for the Master of Arts degree I’m currently pursuing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I took a look around this site and did some mild clean-up. Going forward, I’ll be adding new pages as I complete projects that will improve my portfolio. I’m also going to endeavor to start posting here a few times a week, talking about what I’m working on or currently playing–plus I’m sure some random musings or venting.

See you soon!

Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus v2.08 Released

December 20th, 2016|Tags: , |0 Comments

appstorebutton-white google-play

Odds & Evens: 2048 Plus v2.08 is out now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Changes in this release:

  • Redo Main Menu and Game Options to make it easier to set up a new game
  • Remove Video button, move Undo button & Restart Game buttons
  • Add About menu with current version number and credits
  • Refresh Play/App Store screenshots

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onewinter network launched

December 13th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

Hello there!

This will be the new incarnation of the onewinter network, the place where I offer my 3d printing services and list the mobile games that I’ve created.

This blog will hopefully be updated with things I learn while working in Unity3d and with my two 3D printers in the future, so that others using the same technology solutions can learn from my struggles and successes.

More to come soon!

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